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Started 02/18/2011



Frequently Asked Questions
If your question is not answered here, you can post a question via my ask box on tumblr or on formspring. Whichever you prefer (:

How can I contact Alex? | What are his official websites?
-Well I happen to know that he used to have a tumblr (brothercrow) but then he quit for reasons unknown. As of 2/22/11, he does not go on tumblr anymore. You can still contact him through his official website. His official website is:
He does NOT have a twitter, facebook, myspace, or any other social network at this point. You can always check his official website or IMDB page for more information.

What editing programs do you use?
-I use Photoshop CS5 and sometimes Corel Paint Shop Pro XI

Where do you get your pictures?
-I reblog some of them, but if they are not reblogged or credited, I edited that picture. I get my pictures from Just Jared, Perez Hilton, Oceanup, and various Alex Pettyfer fan sites. Google it.

What editing methods do you use/Where can I get that?
-I use various masks and overlay techniques. You can find some on numerous websites such as Not satisfied still? Google Photoshop actions, textures, etc. Anything that fits your needs.

Will you make me something?
-As of right now, I am not taking requests. Please check back later if you’re still interested :)

Will you follow me back?
-I only follow back celebrity-based fan sites. Sorry :(

Will you promote me?
-I don’t promote people at this moment. I’m a new tumblr so quite frankly, there isn’t much use to it anyway.

Can we be affiliates?
-Sure, I accept all celebrity based fan sites. To apply go to the “ask me anything” page and ask me a question on my formspring. If I don’t reply right away, please don’t harass me with a million questions.

Do you have a personal tumblr?
-Yeah, just check the links bar and it should be the last link, under recommend :)

Have any certain photoshop or paint shop pro questions?
-Feel free to ask. I’ve been using those programs for 8 years now so I can handle it (:

How old are you?
-I’m 15.

Are you looking for a co-owner?
No sorry, I’m pretty busy with school and all but I’m not looking for a co-owner at the moment.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Alex Pettyfer. I am not Alex Pettyfer nor claiming to be him. This is just a Tumblr posting pictures, videos, and news about him. I do not own anything on this site, unless otherwise stated.